My favourite pictures and videos in a slideshow with narrative captions so you can see what I've been up to. You may copy and use these pictures and videos for non-commercial purposes, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement and a link back to this site.

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Hi Phil,

Re: Greetings from the past

Hi Phil,

Nice to hear from you again. I enjoyed your photos.


Found your site while looking

Found your site while looking for pictures of old buildings and got hooked into looking at the rest of your pics. Great photos. Then lo and behold, you lived in Howitt Hall for 3 years. I lived there for a year on the 8th floor in 1980, while doing my BSc at Monash. Still live in Melbourne. Love to travel but this is a great city to live in. Anyway, nice surprise.

All the best.

Hello Miss Simmons, nice

Hello Miss Simmons, nice photos :)

Monash University Campus

Monash University Campus

I was searching on Google for information on the film Picnic At Hanging Rock and came across your photo of Hanging Rock. After accessing the rest of your album, I noticed you had a photo of the Monash University Campus. In 1991, I took a photo from the same vantage point. What a remarkable difference 15 or so years can make to a landscape. Your photo album has prompted me to scan some of my own photos from Monash and to get in-touch with some friends I've been out of touch with for too long. Also, I enjoyed browsing through the rest of your site and thought the pieces on ISDN technology was very well written. Nice work!